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The Basic Cause of Human Illness:

When the normal, healthy bioenergetic field becomes disturbed,
damaged, and out -of -balanced due to numerous internal and external factors (mental, emotional, physical stress, electromagnetic pollution, air, water, auditory pollution, inappropriate diet, dehydration, improper medication, radiation pollution, other visible and invisible factors). By adjusting, strengthening, and supporting the human bioenergetic field, the self -healing capacity is intensified and the body can spontaneously recover to health.

What is the BioEnergizer®?

Combining modern biotechnology, electronics, computer technology, and a special sound oscillator, the BioEnergizer® has been programmed to emit the healthy bioenergetic field. Based on the principle of vibration medicine, your distorted and weakened bioenergetic field will be restored and your self -healing capacity will be intensified.

Bioenergetic field Balanced and Healthy Weakened restored and vitalized Bioenergetic Field Bioenergetic Field


  1. Brain/Nervous System Resonance: Intensifies the resonance that strengthens the pineal gland, reducing its degeneration and promoting normal secretion of melatonin. Activates the proper secretion and function of the glands and hormones.
  2.  Meridian, Chi, Blood Resonance: The strengthening of the bioenergetic field stimulates normal and healthy meridian, chi, and blood circulations.
  3. The healthy The Kirlian Fingertip Aura Photo Seminars Group Practice resonance initiates cellular re- Computerized Meridian Analysis sonance and thereby contributes to whole body health.

Special Characteristics:bioengergizer-before-and-after

  • A new. effective. efficient. simple, and scientific preventive method that is ideal for today’s fast -paced society. Great for any and every one.
  • Unveiled the mysterious and corrected the misconceptions of chi -going.  Helps people to successfully practice chi-gong within a short time and fulfill their goals in health.
  • Affirmed by numerous well-known research institutes and organizations t-1:3 to be absolutely safe, effective and free of side -effects.
  • This patented product was awarded Coming in 1999 the Best Traditional Chinese Soon! Water Analysis Medicine Product. ‘
    Highly recommended by the World and Persogal-Style American Acupuncture Association.bioengergizer-computerized-meridian-analysis
  • Easy to operate. Not limited in time, location, position, or
    condition. Does not contact the body and can be used by one or more at the same time.
  • Could also be a fung-shui, sleep, zen, meditation, scientific chi, or brain-developing helper machine.



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Weight .25 g
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 10 cm


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