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30 Day Challenge

Take the Regenurex 30-Day Challenge!
It’s simple and completely risk-free! Here’s how it works:

1. Purchae one bottle of Regenurex today at Surrey Natural Foods. At the same time, write down your top one or two physical ailments, such as joint pain, muscle pain, poor vision, quality, mental fog, poor skin health, etc. (This step is important!)

2. Take one softgel each day for the first two days. Then, take four softgels each following day; two with a meal at breakfast and two with a meal later in the day. Continue for 30 days until you finish the bottle.

3. Fill out the review once prompted from Yotpo Reviews and be sure to include #Rx30daychallenge in the body of the review.

4. We’ll then ship you a FREE BOTTLE of Regenurex as a thank you!