Jupiter Grain Mill and Flaker

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Electric Motor Base
Stainless Steel Grinder Attachment
Low-temperature Frictionless Cool Grind
Yields 15-25 lbs. per Hour with Adjustable Setting
Contains All Metal Gears
Compact, Quiet, Easy to Clean
Grinds all Dry Cereal Grains

The Jupiter® Mill is a superbly designed machine that is made in Germany and has become a household name in the U.S. for over 25 years when it comes to grinding grains to make flour. It is the quintessential home mill that grinds at a low temperature, therby ensuring the integrity of the flour’s nutrients. The Jupiter® is lightweight (5 LBS.), compact (APPROX. 15″ TALL X 10″ LONG), and stores easily. Sally Fallon, author of NOURISHING TRADITIONS, has purchased her Jupiter® Mill from us and highly recommends it in her book.

This high quality, durable mill has been designed and engineered by German Mill Craftsmen and is built with a high impact plastic housing, all-steel gears, stainless steel grinding burr and accepts all optional attachments listed below. The unit grinds quietly and at low temperature, therby preserving all valuable nutrients.


The stone is an extrusive igneous rock called Basalt. Basalt is a dark volcanic stone composed of microscopic minerals (feldspar, quartz, pyroxine and olivine) formed during a very quick cooling process. The quick cooling prevents larger minerals from developing and occurs where lava contacts earths atmosphere or a body of water.

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Weight 1998 g
Dimensions 25 x 20 x 25 cm


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