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Prairie Naturals – Soy Protein – Natural 

Soy-Force is made with only naturally fermented, organically grown, non-GMO whole soybeans. This whole food soy powder is not only good for you but it also tastes great; sweetened with stevia and natural flavours. It offers 11.5g of soy protein and 30.5g of isoflavones per serving plus, Soy-Force is low in fat and a good source of dietary fiber. A great way to start your day, Soy-Force can be combined with fruit, juice or other liquids for a delicious shake or smoothie; also try it with your favorite baking and cooking recipe’s for extra protein and more! Suitable for vegetarians and vegan diets.

Why Protein is So Important:

Protein is second most abundant substance in our body, only water is more plentiful. Protein makes up our muscles, ligaments, tendons, organs, glands, nails, hair and body fluids. Bone growth is dependent on protein. The chemical messengers that coordinate our body’s activities, hormones, and the chemicals that speed up physiological reactions, enzymes, are made of protein. Our genetic material is the blueprint that instructs the cell how to produce the proteins that make life possible. Proteins are composed of amino acids, linked together by peptide bonds. When we eat protein the body must break these bonds in the digestive tract. Then single amino acids, or amino acids in short chains, are absorbed into the body, where they are reassembled into whatever substance the body needs.

What’s the Big Deal About Protein Supplements?

Protein powders can be used for many different health and performance enhancing purposes. Recently high protein diets have made protein a popular supplement for weight loss. Protein slows the rate at which sugar enters the body. By avoiding spikes in blood sugar protein minimizes the storage of sugar as fat. Individuals with blood sugar imbalances, like diabetes and hypoglycemia, will benefit from protein’s regulation of blood sugar.

Protein also builds muscle tissue, which burns more energy than other body tissue and can lead to weight loss. Athletes, people who perform physical labour and anyone who is physically active requires protein to repair their tissue and build more lean tissue. People who are recovering from illness or long periods of inactivity require protein to rebuild their body tissue. The immune system is dependent on protein to make cells that protect our body. Frequent colds and flus and chronic infections are signs that the body may need more protein.

Convenience of Protein Supplements:

With a protein supplement, you have a quick and easy way of getting high quality, low fat, low calorie cholesterol free protein that tastes great. Make a shake in a shaker cup just with water, juice, milk, or non-dairy milk, or make a fantastic smoothie in a blender with fruit or fruit juice.

Protein supplements can be used daily for individuals who do not meet their protein requirement through food intake, for individuals who suffer from blood sugar fluctuations or for athletes who need to take in large amounts of protein. Protein supplements can also be used occasionally, when food is not readily available. Meal replacement protein supplements are strictly regulated by the government. They conform to regulations to ensure that the proper amount of vitamins and minerals are present in the formula. Choose a meal replacement that does not contain artificial sweeteners, colourings or flavours.

Why Soy Protein?

If you’re allergic or sensitive to milk, then soy source protein offers an ideal way of optimizing your protein intake. Not only is it high in protein, and low in carbs and fat, but soy protein also contains nutrients called isoflavones which can offer significant heart, immune, and hormonal benefits for both men and women. Fermented soy protein is preferable because it is easier to digest and contains higher levels of isoflavones. Remember, only use non-GMO soy protein; especially if you have food sensitivities.

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SoyFerm naturally fermented soy powder (Non-GMO), Stevia, Guar gum, Lecithin


Mix three rounded tablespoons of Soy Force powder with 250ml water, juice, or soya milk. Alternative suggestions: Blend three tablespoons Soy Force with 250ml water, juice or soy milk, then add 1/4 cup frozen or fresh fruit in a blender for thirty seconds. Makes a great smoothie!


Free of all common allergens, including: wheat, dairy, eggs, corn, and yeast. Contains no synthetic sweeteners, flavourings or artificial preservatives.


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